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About Giving

While the true value of a Town School education is hard to quantify, the cost of educating each boy at Town exceeds tuition every year. We supplement funding for our educational and extracurricular programs with money generated from annual fundraising activities, special gifts to the school and, from time to time, capital campaigns. The generosity of Town School's supporters enables us not only to maintain but also to enhance the quality of our boys'educational experience each and every day.

To make a gift now, please click here. To make a pledge, click here.

For questions or to speak to our Director of Development and Alumni, contact Kathryn Nyrop, 415-746-1123.  For a brochure of our fundraising activities and opportunities to give, click here.

Town School's Annual Fundraising Activities

Annual Giving

Annual Giving is the cornerstone of our annual fundraising because it is the second largest source of the school's revenue after tuition. These funds directly support our operating budget. With 67% of the annual budget directed to faculty and staff compensation, contributions to Annual Giving increase our ability to attract and retain the most qualified and motivated teachers, in addition to funding the valuable New Teacher Institute.

Each year we ask families, faculty and staff, and friends of the school to make a gift to the best of their ability. Our goal is 100% participation. Every gift from $25 to $20,000 - is important because it is a gift of participation and support for our Town School community.

Fundraising Events

Fundraising events are essential to a broad range of programs at the school, including tuition assistance, advanced faculty training, and classroom enhancements. Town will have a single fundraising event this school year on November 16th, 2013. The British Invasion promises to be a very fun community-wide event and will be held at our Marina Campus! Click here to get involved!

Our goal is to have fun - providing parents the opportunity to socialize with other Town School families, alumni and friends - while raising money for tuition assistance and program enrichment. Corporate and individual underwriting support, the purchase of event tickets, donations of auction items, and volunteering your time and talent are all important ways you can get involved.

Town School's Other Fundraising Activities

Capital Campaigns

A capital campaign is a special effort to raise funds for long-range purposes such as building projects and endowment. In contrast to yearly fundraising efforts such as Annual Giving and school events such as our themed dinner auction each fall, capital campaigns at independent schools typically occur every 4-7 years. A school's currently enrolled students benefit from prior capital campaigns, and future students as well as current students benefit from current capital campaigns. Donors often view their gifts as an investment in an educational institution that will further the long-term mission of the school. During a capital campaign, we encourage families to continue to support Annual Giving, because it is important to fund the ongoing academic program of a school. Our capital campaign, Building for Boys: A Home for Town's Future, is an investment in 21st century learning at Town School. The expansion and renovation of over 70% of our urban campus will enable us to provide the best possible education for current and future generations of students. We hope that you will join us as we modernize Town School.

Major Gifts and Planned Giving

Town welcomes gifts planned, bequests, or otherwise - outside of capital campaign cycles to support its long-range financial stability, programs and the endowment. Please contact Kathryn Nyrop, Director of Development, to discuss the possibilities and benefits of such a gift at 415-746-1123.