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Covid-19 Response

Below, you may read our comprehensive Family Guide to Returning to Town for the 2020-21 school year.

Read our Family Guide to Returning to Town

Read our Family Guide to Returning to Town FAQ

Town School COVID-19 Prevention Program

COVID-19 School Guidance Checklist

Testing Dashboard

Our Testing Dashboard is updated weekly on Thursdays, or more often in the event of a positive case, to reflect both student and employee tests administered on campus and reported cases. (Please click anywhere on the image to be able to zoom in.) We will note with an asterisk where a result has subsequently been deemed false by the DPH.

Active Cases in Isolation

This number includes both symptomatic and asymptomatic cases across our student and employee population, including testing on- and off-site. Employees and students are directed to isolate if they are confirmed or suspected to have COVID-19. Members of the isolating individual's cohort will be notified and instructed to quarantine in the event of close contact during the infectious period. Other individuals, outside of the affected cohort, will be notified separately to protect privacy. For definitions and more information from the DPH, please see FAQs: Contact Tracing (8/4/20)

Total Cases Since 9/8/20

This number reflects cumulative results from administered tests, which began on 9/8/20, and reported results across students and employees.

All Test Results by Week

This chart reflects student and employee test results from tests administered weekly on campus as part of our routine, ongoing testing. In September, the number of tests conducted was lower as we piloted the program and many employees continued to work from home. As students return to campus, testing numbers will increase and be reported here together.

Rates of Cases in School Population, Student Population, and Employee Population

These charts include on- and off-site testing data. All employees and Upper School students who opt-in are tested within a two-week period, allowing us to provide a trailing fourteen-day rate of positive cases, updated weekly. According to the DPH, school-wide closure may be appropriate if more than 5% of the school population is considered positive cases within a fourteen-day period (Reopening TK-12 Schools, 12/8/20). The denominator in each ratio is the current number of school-based individuals. A "positive case" is someone who has a positive test result and/or a suspected diagnosis based on symptoms.

Positivity Rates Among Students and Employees

These two tables delineate by date the testing done at Town only. We show ratios of the actual tested population and the whole school-based population, as the latter is relevant to DPH's closure guidance around pivoting to Online Town. Student testing began the week before upper school returned to campus.

Community Testing Days at Town 

In addition to our weekly routine, ongoing testing at Town, we are adding intermittent Community Testing Days. Community Testing Days are open for students, employees, family members, and other individuals in our Town community. Note that, per SF DPH guidance, a communication will be shared regarding any positive cases wherein the individual may have had close contact with others on campus.