At Town School, learning is prized, love of school is essential, and boyhood is celebrated.

Core Values

  • We value learning and academic excellence. We support and encourage each boy to do his best while helping him discover his strengths and talents.
  • We value programs that balance academic effort, social interaction, physical activity and artistic expression while embracing character education.
  • We value respect for ourselves and others. We model integrity, honesty and kindness in our daily lives and we take responsibility for our own actions.
  • We value diversity which brings the variety of perspectives that are integral to an excellent education and a dynamic community. We believe it is essential that every member of the community is equally valued and included in the life of the school.
  • We value commitment to community service. We seek opportunities to improve our greater community through volunteer activities sponsored by the school as part of our role as good citizens.


As an all boys’ school, Town provides a rich, challenging and rigorous educational experience that addresses the distinctive energy levels and developmental styles of boys. Town values being a diverse community that nurtures integrity, sensitivity and respect in its boys, and prepares them to become productive and contributing members of an ever-changing world.