Letter to the Community October 2018

Dear Town School Community,

In the spring of 2018, Town School for Boys kicked off a strategic planning process to determine our school’s aspirations over the next 5 years. This fall, we have rolled up our sleeves and started work in earnest.

We appointed a Strategic Planning Committee whose focus is uncovering opportunities for Town and making recommendations. This group of 20 reflects the diversity of thought and experiences of alumni, faculty/staff, current/past parents and trustees. The committee is listed in the box on the right of this page.

Consultancy firm Leadership + Design will provide critical direction and expertise throughout the strategic planning process.  Executive director and co-founder Carla Silver brings an outside-in, design-thinking perspective and dynamic energy to this work.  Carla has worked on strategic plans with K-12 independent schools across the nation.

During the next few weeks, teams will form to tackle specific issues. Thanks to invaluable feedback we collected through focus groups and surveys last  spring from nearly 80% of our families and employees, we already know our plan should:
  • Articulate the values embodied by each Town graduate and a Town School education
  • Define skills our boys need to thrive in the 21st century
  • Identify resources needed to build a more inclusive Town community  
Because we want to keep all parents engaged, we are planning updates throughout the school year through dedicated emails, Parents’ Association  meetings, and updates to this Strategic Planning page. We invite the current parent community to save Saturday, January 26, 2019 for a school-wide Community Brainstorming Day. For those who want to contribute or have questions before then, feel free to reach out to any one of us or email us at strategicplan@townschool.com.

By June of 2019, we look forward to reporting early results and recommendations to the school community. As our consultant, Carla Silver, wrote in her initial briefing, “Town School will have a strong sense of its future direction,  a compass that will guide its direction, backed by a set of priorities and initiatives for near-term future that are tied to the long-term vision for school and grounded in the mission, core values, history and culture of the school.” We look forward to working with you on our shared Town School future!

Julie Ashley, Parent ‘14, ‘16, ‘19 and Chair, Board of Trustees
Lorri Hamilton Durbin, Head of School
Ann Chen, Parent ’17, Trustee and Chair, Strategic Planning Committee
We are working with consultant Carla Silver of Leadership + Design during our planning process


Strategic Planning Timeline

Strategic Planning Committee

A huge thank you to the 20 Strategic Planning Committee members who will be leading our work. In selecting members, we sought parent representation across the grades, as well as from recent alumni parents. In addition, we need the perspectives of faculty and administrators: from those teaching our boys as they enter Lower School to those helping our 8th graders prepare for high school and beyond. We have included on the committee  alumni from the 1980s through the early 2000s. Several trustees who currently lead Board Committees will support implementation of the plan. Finally, each member was specifically chosen because of the diverse perspective he or she to brings to the process and adds to the outcomes. This group is committed to serving the school and looks forward to helping identify and implement ways to make Town School for Boys even better.

Strategic Planning Committee

Ann Chen, Parent ’17, Trustee and Chair, Strategic Planning Committee
Bryan Andrzejewski, Parent ‘23
Sandeep Bhandari, Parent ‘24
Tina Bou-Saba, Parent ‘24
Lorri Hamilton Durbin, Head of School
Annie Ganem, Parent ‘24,1st grade teacher
Gareth Hornberger ’01, Trustee  
Tonia Karr, Parent ‘26
Rebeccah Kilian, Director of Secondary School Counseling, 7th grade Latin teacher
Nellie Levchin Parent ’24, Trustee
Hilary McArthur, 7/8 math teacher
Fred McCrea ’81, Parent ’26
Flora Mugambi-Mutunga, Director of Community Building and Inclusion
Krista Moatz, Parent ‘24 & ‘26, Trustee
Kana Muraki, Parent ‘25
Will Robbins, Parent ’12 &’18, former Trustee
Corbett Simons, Parent ‘12, Director of Teaching, Learning and Innovation
Dr. Jennifer Warren, Head of Lower School
Carrie Wheeler, Parent ‘22, Trustee
Jeff Yasuda ’86, Parent ‘21 & ‘25
Workshops: Kelly Steremberg, Parent ‘22,Trustee
Communications: Dana Marineau, Parent ‘25 & ‘27