Physical fitness goes hand-in-hand with intellectual development, and Town School students have ample time each day both for unstructured play and teacher-led physical education. The objectives of our physical education program are many: to enhance self-esteem, improve awareness of the importance of physical fitness and nutrition, teach and refine each student’s motor skills, and develop sports skills, sportsmanship and teamwork.

The Physical Education program concentrates on improving each child's self-esteem through teaching and refining each student's motor skills; fostering physical fitness; and developing the personal values and skills of sportsmanship, discipline, good-natured competition, and cooperation. Content for Upper School students includes a nutrition curriculum developed by our Athletic Director in conjunction with a pediatrician and parent at Town School. In addition, Upper School students have the opportunity to participate in our after school non-competitive sports program. Many of our Lower School students participate on non-school athletic teams as well and we work with Lower School parents to help them understand the school's athletic philosophy. We also work with the Positive Coaching Alliance. Visit our Athletics page to learn more about our Upper School interscholastic sports program.