Global Education Mission Statement

Town School for Boys builds students’ inter-cultural competencies and character through academic experiences and global and local partnerships. Beginning from an awareness of multiple perspectives, students develop respect, empathy, and kindness through authentic inquiry and engagement. By fostering non-judgemental curiosity, teachers guide students toward a rich understanding of their own identity within the tapestry of their community, the importance of belonging and including others, and the value of acting as allies and engaged global citizens.  
Beginning in kindergarten we lay a foundation of necessary skills such as empathy, curiosity, collaboration, inquiry, research, and visual literacy, and we continue in the Lower School grades to build cultural awareness through global partnerships and in–depth classroom study via units on specific countries (Kenya, China, Costa Rica) and topics (poverty, water use, conflict resolution). 

Upper School Students continue to investigate the world beyond their immediate environment as they learn to recognize multiple perspectives and communicate their views effectively with diverse audiences through diverse global content and citizenship. We intentionally teach global competencies and expose  students to different languages, sparking their curiousity and ability to learn about other cultures. We also teach and model self-awareness, respect and etiquette as we help students develop character, empathy, non-judgemental curiosity, and acceptance.

Our resources include Jennifer Klein and the World Leadership School and the MOSAIC Project.