Annual Giving is the most important way to contribute to Town each year as it provides the greatest impact.  Because tuition alone does not cover the total cost of educating Town students, Annual Giving is critical to our academic program, providing 8% or more of the school’s annual operating budget from voluntary, charitable contributions. 

Gifts to Annual Giving ensure that Town can:
  • Develop new academic initiatives
  • Attract and retain talented faculty
  • Enhance and sustain a diverse and inclusive student body
  • Enhance arts, athletic and after-school enrichment programs
  • Provide the New Teacher Institute, a program for Resident Teachers at Town
Last year, 100% of our Trustees, faculty and staff, and 96% of our parents supported Town by making a gift to Annual Giving, showing they believe in the school and want to make a difference in each student’s Town experience. Giving each year to the best of your ability is the strongest show of support for Town School and our community that you can make.

Want to learn more? Read the FAQs.

To donate, visit our Ways to Give pagemake a gift online, or make a pledge payable by June 30.

Annual Giving 2017-18 Parent Participation: 

Class     Participation
K 100%
1st 100%
2nd 100%
3rd 100%
4th 100%
5th 100%
6th 100%
7th 100%
8th 98%

Total: 64%