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In recognition of the importance of emotional well-being to the process of learning, Town School employs a licensed mental health professional who provides support to students, parents and teachers. Additionally, Town School has a full time Lower School Social Emotional Learning teacher who works closely with classroom teachers to support students' emotional and social well being. In collaboration with the family and community, we believe it is our responsibility to help students develop self-knowledge, empathy and respect for others, communications and problem-solving skills, and to accept responsibility for their own behavior. Our Town School Counselor strives to create spaces for the boys to know, understand and express their feelings.  

Town School students in grades 5-8 meet in in a daily morning meeting with an advisor; each group consists of one or two faculty members and approximately 12 boys of the same grade level. Morning meeting participants greet each other, discuss personal and current event topics, develop community through activities or challenges, and work on organizational skills. Morning meeting groups also plan periodic service learning opportunities. The morning meeting format, as well the social contract, take a break, reflection and other practices from the Developmental Designs program, support boys in reaching our social-emotional goals. 

Seventh and eighth grade students work with the Director of Secondary School Counseling during the high school application process. Matching a student with a school that is well suited for him is the primary aim of the secondary school process.

Social Emotional Learning class
Social Emotional Learning class