The goal of the Families Program at Town is to encourage the acceptance, understanding, and responsibility that can grow from an ongoing relationship with people of different ages, interests, and abilities. Each family group at Town is comprised of one or two faculty or staff members and boys from each of the grades. Each family group stays together year to year. Over the course of a boy’s nine years at Town, he will have the chance to grow up with his family group. As eighth graders graduate, kindergarteners are welcomed into each family. Family activities promote learning and working together as a group and provide opportunities for the older boys to help the younger ones. Families meet several times a year, and family groups undertake a variety of activities for fun or for the common good. Families may make lunches for a homeless shelter, help clean our neighborhood, or share random acts of kindness to people in our Town community. Other times we may play board games or Capture the Flag. Sometimes all family groups participate in the same activity based on a theme, such as Hour of Code or Day of Service Reflection. Our activities give us a chance to work, play, and learn together.