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Cryptocurrency Gifts

Town School for Boys accepts cryptocurrency gifts through a secure platform, The Giving Block. To make a gift, please use the form to the right.

In accordance with Town School's Gift Acceptance Policy, all contributions of cryptocurrency are converted to cash as soon as they are received, and cannot be refunded for any reason. Donors will receive an electronic charitable gift receipt from The Giving Block with comprehensive details about each transaction. We advise donors to consult their financial advisor about the tax consequences of making a cryptocurrency gift, as well as the documentation required in order to claim a deduction. 

While we are unable to accept cryptocurrency gifts from an anonymous source, we are happy to have donors remain anonymous in our publications. Please contact Maurine Halperin if you would like your gift to be listed as anonymous. 

For more information on making a gift to Town School for Boys, please contact Maurine Halperin, Director of Advancement, 415-746-1143 or Thank you for supporting Town School!