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Town School Mission 

At Town School, learning is prized, love of school is essential
and boyhood is celebrated.

Town School Values


We respect ourselves and others.

  • We treat others the way they want to be treated.

  • We practice good listening, compassion and empathy.


We are curious.

  • We ask questions, think critically and solve problems.

  • We seek opportunities to reach our highest potential.


We all belong.

  • We embrace and celebrate each of our unique stories and experiences.

  • We seek to ensure that every member of our community feels an equal sense of inclusion. 


We act with integrity.

  • We have the courage to do the right thing even when nobody else is watching.

  • We always try our best and when we fail, we try again.


We are joyful.

  • We make space for play, fun and laughter.

  • We know joy can be found in hard work, risk-taking and perseverance.


Town School Philosophy

As an all boys’ school, Town provides a rich, challenging and rigorous educational experience that addresses the distinctive energy levels and developmental styles of boys. Town values being a diverse and inclusive community that nurtures integrity, sensitivity and respect in its boys, and prepares them to become productive and contributing members of an ever-changing world.

School Leadership 

Ms. Lorri Hamilton Durbin
Head of School

Mr. Curt Goehring
Athletic Director and Director of Discipline & Joy

Ms. Maurine Halperin
Director of Advancement

Ms. Brooke Jenkins
Director of Admission & Tuition Assistance
Ms. Peggy Laurent
Head of Lower School
Ms. Jennifer Liu
Director of Teacher Development & Strategic Initiatives

Mr. Nick Malick
Head of Upper School

Ms. Flora Mugambi-Mutunga
Director of Community Building & Inclusion
Mr. Corbett Simons
Director of Teaching, Learning & Innovation


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