The goal of our interscholastic athletic program is to provide an atmosphere that encourages all boys to participate, develop as athletes, develop as sportsman and persevere regardless of ability level.

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The interscholastic athletics program at Town School is open to all students regardless of ability or skill level, and provides each boy who is interested in playing on a school team the opportunity to participate. The interscholastic athletic program is available to upper school boys, and begins in 5th grade with cross country, lacrosse and golf, and adds soccer, basketball, and baseball in 6th grade.

Town's athletic philosophy embraces the multi-sport concept; boys are encouraged to begin sports that are new to them as well as to continue those they have played before. Athletic participation is an effective way to teach students about good character, discipline, teamwork, and the benefits of a healthy, fit body. Participation is also a wonderful way for boys to represent their school and have fun.

Our philosophy, procedures, and code of ethics have been developed over time in a manner we believe represent best practices for boys. Read our lower school sports philosophy and visit the Positive Coaching Alliance  to learn more about our goals for Town School athletics.