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The goal of our interscholastic athletic program is to provide an atmosphere that encourages all boys to participate, develop as athletes, grow as sportsmen and persevere regardless of skill level.

The interscholastic athletics program at Town School is open to all students regardless of ability or skill level, and provides each boy who is interested in playing on a school team the opportunity to participate. The interscholastic athletic program is available to Town School boys beginning in 3rd grade with soccer, basketball and lacrosse. Additional sports are available to Upper Schoolers including cross country, golf, baseball, track & field and volleyball.

Athletics Philosophy

Town’s School’s athletics program serves as an extension of the classroom, promoting the school’s values of respect, curiosity, belonging, integrity and joy while providing an outlet for physical exertion and expression. Boys develop character, teamwork and ability through participation in Town athletics. At Town, there is a team for every boy and the athletics program includes and encourages all boys. With multiple teams for each sport and grade level depending on demand, we ensure that sports are open to boys of all ability and experience levels. Having multiple teams also facilitates the best experience for all players. We encourage boys to try a variety of sports and activities. At Town School, we endeavor to treat all players fairly while stretching each boy to realize his full potential. 

Lower School Athletics Philosophy

In the Lower School, athletics establish a foundation for future development, support community, provide partnership with families and encourage boys to have fun while learning new skills. While we do not manage all sports teams, we encourage participation and inclusion. Our expectation is that all teams enrolling Town students will align with our school philosophy, values and behavior expectations.

Visit the Positive Coaching Alliance  to learn more about our goals for Town School athletics. 

Students holding up a trophy
Students playing golf